The decade of 80s was special when the foundation of First Generation (Anlogue) Mobile Technology was laid. Next decade (1990s) witnessed the roll out of 2G (Digital) technology. This gave a boost to the mobile technology and thus heralding a new era in telecommunication. Then started the new millennium 2000 and 3G technology came into existence. It took the mobile telephony to the new heights. It made the videoconferencing possible and the biggest contribution was to bring internet within the reach of a human palm. For accessing internet , people didn’t need to sit in front of their computer. The mobile acted as the best substitute of the PC and started eating into the space which was so far reserved for only computer.

Eversince the 3G technology became popular, people started using mobile for voice as well as data. Initially the difference between the voice and the data was big. People used to engage themselves in voice frequently data occasionally. But due to the increased use of social network sites like Facebook and more recently WhatsApp, the inclination towards data increased manifold. Since data is made available on a different platform, 3G didn’t live up to the expectation of data-lover customers. So there was a demand for the faster technology to meet the growing demand of data. Thus the idea of 4G was born.

4G technology is going to make the use of data a pleasant experience. If one wants to download a file, a song, a movie or a video streaming, this new technology will make it high-speed. It has been found that a Hindi movie can be downloaded in hardly 9 to 10 minutes. Even a heavy file will take few seconds. As the whole India is moving towards a digital set-up, 4G technology will come in handy. Some mobile operators like Airtel and Aircel have already launched this technology in select areas. However the real beginning will happen when Reliance enters the mobile space with its 4G technology.