If you compare the spelling of Home and House, there are lot of similarities- alphabets H, O and E. Quite often; we tend to use them as synonyms. But if it is minutely observed, there is a big difference.

To find the difference, let’s consider the ingredients required to build both of them. To build a house, the ingredients are all materialistic and physical things like Bricks, Cement, Sand etc. And all these things can be bought with money. Anyone who has money can own a house. Let’s suppose a luxury house constructed after spending immense money. The house is very attractive and draws the attention of any passer-by. But it still can’t be called home, because there is none who occupies that house. So without people, house is just a structure, a building. It can be called the dwelling of spirits and ghosts but not the home of humans.

Let’s now consider the ingredients required for a home. Here the essential requirements are different. The most pressing requirements for a home are emotional and not physical. Instead of Brick, trust is the building block of a home. Instead of cement, love is the binding factor of a home. The walls of a home are made of care for one another. Sacrifice acts as the foundation of the home.

The storm of time can blow away the roof of a house but fails to even shake the roof of the home. Other external conditions can weaken or wipe out the physical structure of the massive house but the strength of home remains undiminished year after year. In short, every home can be a house but a house can’t take the place of a home. Moral of the story is- A house is built but a home is created.