Normally, we use magnet in the physical sense. But anything which attracts another object assumes the significance of a magnet. So if one wants to have a magnetic power to attract others, Pleasing Personality is the most important ingredient.

Why does a magnet attract other objects? Because it has certain unique features which compel other things to get drawn to it. Similarly, pleasing personality provides the power which forces others to get closer to the person.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. There are countless fans of Sachin Tendulkar. Why does he have so many admirers? We will understand this with the help of the qualities, which make Sachin a household name. On being asked about Sachin, most of the fans will have a common answer that he is a legendary cricketer. His cricketing temperament is unmatched. His modesty is commendable. His love for the game is admirable. His disciplined life with no controversy is worth-emulating. In other words we like Sachin’s qualities more than himself. So man is merely a living statue without the unique qualities.

Now the question arises can everyone become Sachin. Answer is No. Than what should be done. The answer lies in finding the strength one has and to giving it the shape of unique quality. It is this quality which will become the differentiating factor. To discover what someone is good at, peep inside, discover and awaken the dormant abilities. It can be anything like writing skill, speaking ability, acting talent, managing competence etc.