Our Rail network happens to be one of the largest in the world. But when it comes it to speed, we slip to the bottom in the list. Our fastest train Shatabdi Express can attain the highest speed of only 140 kmph with the average speed of only 90 kmph.

So, there is a need to the increase the speed of the Indian Railway. This led to a debate on the Bullet Trains in India which happen to be the fastest trains in the world currently. As the name itself suggests, the train moves at the speed of Bullet. Japan is the pioneer of this technology. They were the first to think of increasing the speed of the train with the introduction of new technology. Now the same technology is likely to be brought to our country.

So, what is this magical technology which makes the train move like a bullet. Let’s investigate in detail. When the train moves on the track, there is a frictional force which opposes the motion and limits the speed. So the engineers thought of a technology which will enable train to simply float on the track without any physical contact. Since the train floats on the track there is no frictional force opposing the motion. Therefore the train can be run at the fastest speed. To lift the train above the track , electromagnetic technology is used. This technology is very costly due to which every country can’t afford it. Let’s hope that these trains come to India sooner or later. If this happens, it will start a new era in train travel.