Mumbai is fortunate to have the places nearby where Mumbaikars can enjoy the cool atmosphere and stay away from the hot and humid environment of Mumbai. The moment we talk about the hill stations, the following names come to our mind.

Lonavla-Khandala – It is one of the nearest hill stations for Mumbaikars. It provides the best escape from the scorching heat. The temperature there is very much within the bearable limit. Humidity is less as it is away from the sea. There are many hotels and resorts to cater to the people looking for some relief from the hot summer.

Matheran- This is another favourite location for people melting due to heat. The most beneficial thing about this place is that it is completely pollution-free. The vechicles are not allowed inside the location. The only means of transport are- on foot or horse ride. It is full of greeneries providing the best peace of mind. Monkey-lovers can enjoy the sight of huge number of monkeys.