Rain Rain, Be a gain.

Don’t give, ever a pain.


Rain is a must for the survival of human beings. People wait eagerly for the month of June when rain makes an entry. The first shower brings happiness on the face of many living beings, including plants. But when the showers turn into a downpour, then the story takes a U turn. This is what happened in Mumbai yesterday.

Monsoon made a delayed entry in Mumbai and disappeared within few days. And when it came back, it washed away the joy of many people and flooded the hardship and inconvenience. It can be called the trailer of the film which Mumbai had witnessed in 2005 when the life in the financial capital had come to a virtual standstill. Flooded streets, water-logged tracks, traffic jams were some of the common scenes in Mumbai. It was a harrowing day for many commuters. People could be seen moving on the railway tracks as the trains were off the track.

Science has made the tremendous progress but the nature is still supreme. All the preventive measures of man look small before the nature’s fury. Let’s hope that the remaining part of the Monsoon doesn’t test the patience of people as it did yesterday.