Internet has changed the way we did things in the past. Now to get tickets of train, plane or bus, we need not step out of our house and stand before the booking windows. Just a click on the mouse of the computer is sufficient. Similarly, online banking has changed our banking habits too. Many things can be done online without the need of visiting the bank. Another big change, which the internet has already brought, is the way we do shopping. With internet gradually penetrating in our country, online shopping has picked-up immensely. So e-commerce will greatly impact the habit of shopping in the time to come.

Let’s understand why e-tailing is becoming popular in our country where shopping was always done traditionally. People in our country used to always visit the Kirana shop for their daily requirements. The method was very simple. People used to go there with hard cash, ordered things and walked away with the bought items. Then, came a revolution called retailing. This involved big shops located in the prime areas and fitted with the latest equipments for the convenience of buying. It became a hit specially in the big cities because people got the new experience of buying at a very reasonable cost with the facility of using credit or debit cards. For few years, retailing ruled the heart of the buyers but now it is facing tough competition from the new wave called E-tailing or online shopping.

Let’s look at the features of online shopping being liked by the buyers. A online store is nothing but a website which has millions of products listed on it. The first benefit of the online shopping is the shopping at home which reduces the cost of visiting the store. As we step out of our houses, the meter of our expenses starts. Another benefit is the variety that one can choose from. No retailer can offer the wide range of the products available with the e-tailers. Added benefit is the comparison of the products in terms of the features and the prices. For instance, if I have to buy a mobile, I can go through the features and the price of all different brands and get the best while rejecting the rest. The last but not least, more often the price of the product is lower than that of the retailers. So if someone is getting the ordered product delivered at the doorstep at a lower price, who will not like it? With internet now available on mobile, the prospects of e-tailing are very bright. This can be gauged by the fact that Flipkart, the largest e-tailer in India, sold the items worth Rs 600 crores on the single day of a special sale in the recent past. No retailer, however big, can match this kind of revenue on a single day. The reach of e-tailing is spreading so fast that the big retailers are now threatened and looking for the e-commerce route to sell their products. However, there is a flip side also. One can only come to know about the features of the products online. It is not possible to physically see, touch and see the demo of the product. Hence, only when we know about the product in advance, there is a point in ordering it online. In short, online shopping does offer some unique and beneficial features if done with a little care.