If internet has touched every aspect of life, how can education be out of its influence? Online education is being increasingly used by the students and the colleges and universities. This is due to many advantages offered by the internet based education. Let’s see some of the primary reasons for online education becoming the preferred choice now-a-days.
Saving Time- Normally in the conventional education, both the students and the teachers have to meet at one place say, school, college or study center. On this platform the interaction between them happens. There itself, the education is imparted and the doubts are clarified. So everyone involved in the process has to move to this common place, which consumes time and money. The greater the distance, the more the time and money spent. But in the online education , the common platform is provided by the internet. Therefore both the teachers and the students can be at their convenient places. So the interaction becomes faster irrespective of the distance of the participants. Besides that, the education provider doesn’t have to maintain the physical infrastructure for teaching. Due to this the education is offered at a much reduced price.

Up-to-date Study Material- The conventional education is based on the physical books and notes. But once the book is published, it takes time to revise them and include current developments. Sometimes, it takes couple of years to bring out the revised version having latest changes. But in online education, this happens fast because the changes to be made in the online tools are much easier. So the learner remains aware of the recent happenings.
Easy Examination and Evaluation- In the conventional education, the examination takes place at the certain centers. There the arrangement has to be made for the examinees. Again this requires cost which is borne by the students. After examination, the answer-sheets have to be moved to the place where examiners check them. This consumes time and many a times the results get unduly delayed.
There are host of other benefits of online education. Keeping these advantages in mind, it is not a surprising that more and more students are opting for this new format of education. In short, those who want to get literate; computer literacy is the first requirement.