We are living in the age of advanced banking. There are several types of bank in our society. For money there is a conventional commercial bank. For examination, there is question bank. Now for future children, there is an egg bank. The egg bank is also being called insurance for women’s fertility. This concept is very strange and puzzling but is fast picking up mainly in the big cities where women are equally conscious about their career. But they are equally concerned about their motherhood also.

In today’s fast track life, the role of woman has changed. She is no longer confined to the four walls of her house. She steps out of the house to chase her dreams, to establish her identity. While doing so, many a times starting a family gets delayed. Sometimes even when they are married, they are not ready to start their family due to job pressure. But as the time passes, the fertility in women goes on weakening. The more the age, the lesser is the chance of bearing a child. The reason is that with time, the eggs produced by the women are not healthy enough to be fertilized, which is essential for conception. So the women who delay their motherhood for their career may not be in positon to give birth to a child in the later part of their life. So egg banking is the alternative available to the women who are doubtful about their fertility when they want to have children. If they are normally not capable of conceiving, they can always turn to the eggs donated by them when they were young.

Let’s see how this procedure works. When the women are young, the eggs released by them are quite healthy. At that time only, they donate their eggs to the fertility centers. There these eggs are kept in the freezer so that they remain safe. In future if the donor woman is in need of the eggs, she can approach the center. From there, the eggs are fertilized with the help of a procedure called in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and then the normal growth of the baby takes place inside the mother’s womb. Thus a career oriented women can still enjoy the mother hood in the later part of their life. This is the magic of science which reflects in the form of egg banking. Since procedure is costly, currently this facility can be afforded by the wealthy women only. But, no cost can be costlier than motherhood.