El Nino is a weather phenomenon which happens due to change in temperature of water surface in the Pacific coast of South America. It is a Spanish name which means Christ Boy. It is so because it mainly occurs during Christmas.

Now the question arises that if it is noticed in a different continent why should we worry about it. How can it upset the budget of a common man? The answer lies in the fact that India, despite so much industrial development, is still an agricultural country. And agriculture still depends heavily on Monsoon.  More than 60{4aae73461effa9263855888e11b82afb29be8624bd70156d49c18cab7ecb130d} population lives in villages and agriculture being the only source of food and income. Even people living in cities depend on the food grain produced in villages.


Due to El Nino, the monsoon winds which bring rain to India in the month of June weaken and consequently the rainfall in our country gets severely affected. Kharif crops are the major victims of scanty rainfall. If Kharif crops get destroyed, automatically there will be shortage of foodgrains in the market and that will push the prices up. Ultimately, the common man will have to bear the brunt of the climatic process by shelling out more for the foodgrains.  El Nino has already caused enormous damage in 2009, when our country witnessed the severe drought and the food grain prices were soaring. Let’s hope this time, crisis kind of situation doesn’t arise and the rain god favours us like the last year.