Someone who claims that he has never failed, the common assumption is that he has never done anything big and great. Because any great achievement is the result of overcoming many failures. When we are child, we have the wonderful spirit to fight back. When the child learns to walk, it falls down many times and starts crying. But it doesn’t give up and tries again. Ultimately the child becomes capable to walk. Same thing happens when we want to do something difficult and great.

It is said that failure makes someone humble and sensitive. Someone who has been a successful throughout his life doesn’t know the feelings associated with failure and behaves in an arrogant manner. On the contrary, someone who has succeeded after many failures understands the pain and frustration attached to failure. Therefore, he reacts in a mature and responsible manner.

Many a times failure acts like a mirror which reflects the image of our weakness. It gives a wake- up call and forces us to be on our toes. So the shadow of failure acts like a source of light and enables us to walk carefully on the path of our life. Who can understand the importance of failure better than Thomas Elva Edison? Even after failing for 10000 times, he said he has not failed these many times but succeeded in finding 10000 methods which will not work. So the success doesn’t lie in never falling but bouncing back after every fall.