The above statement looks very strange because there is a role reversal. Someone who was supposed to field and take care of catches was found helplessly looking at the bowl when it crossed the field. On the contrary, those who had come to watch the match actually ended up collecting the ball. Normally this kind of situation happens when the batsman called Chris Gayl faces the balls. But this time the slayer was someone else. He was none other than the charismatic batsman Martin Guptill of New Zealand.

Cricket is considered as the game favouring batsman. However, there are certain bowlers who bind the batsmen with their tight bowling. In the match between New Zealand and West Indies, no bowler could come in the way of Guptill and his strokes. The whole bowling attack was proved to ineffective while this batsman was sending bowls across the boundaries. Throughout his inning of 237 runs, he didn’t give any sign of fatigue. He came to start the inning and was at the crease after 50 overs ,helping his team to impose a massive total.

Guptill’s knock is not only special because it has come in the world cup as the highest total. It is also extraordinary because he is not as privileged as other players in terms of physique. He has only two fingers in one of his legs. When he was thirteen, a vehicle ran over his leg leaving him only two fingers. While playing, it never appeared that he was at loss. This reminds the fact that it is the spirit which produces wonders. The body is just the medium. Killer instinct kills all the difficulties. There have been many stories when the people challenged their physical disability and rose like a star. In that galaxy, one more star ,in the form of Martin Gupthill, is born.