IPL 7 is the only season in the IPL history when only cricket ruled and not the controversy. Since inception, IPL has always witnessed one controversy or the other. Though controversies kept the IPL in news but gradually lowered its image in the canvas of cricket. If this IPL remained controversy-free, it is the Supreme Court of India that needs to be given the full credit. For the first time, it took away the control from the hands of so-called experienced administrators of BCCI and put in the hands of Sunil Gavaskar for running the IPL show.

Let’s see the different waves of controversies which rocked the ship of IPL. The first controversy broke out in the very first season when one of the players vented out his frustration by slapping another player. Subsequently, IPL was in news for the wrong reason due to the cheer leader’s attire and late night parties. Then there was controversy surrounding few players for alleged betting. This was shown in a sting operation on TV. IPL 6 was the witness of height of controversy when the owner of one of the teams was accused of indulging in unfair practices. In the wake of these negative events, cynics predicted the death of IPL. But they were mistaken.

Despite controversies, IPL continued to scale new heights of popularity. In the meantime, few teams appeared and disappeared from the horizon. But the love for IPL didn’t fade in the mind of cricket-lovers. It is this love that has kept the IPL alive.