Krishna Janamashtmi is one of the most important festivals in India. On this very day, the Lord Krishna took birth under extremely unfavourable conditions to rid the world of all vices. This festival is celebrated on the eight day of Krishna paksha every year. Lord Krishna is also considered as the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu.
This festival is celebrated in different regions in different names. In Maharashtra, it is called Dahi Handi. On this day all the Govinda pathak’s form a human pyramid to break the Handi filled with butter. The Handi is placed at a considerable height so that the group shows excellent coordination skills to reach the top and break the Handi. Though this time, the Supreme Court has imposed restriction on including children below the age of 12 but the enthusiasm of Govinda troops has not diminished. In south India, the day is celebrated as Gokul Ashtmi. Besides in India, this festival is also celebrated in countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. This only talks about the reach of Indian Culture.
It is said that the Lord Krishna was the mastermind behind the outcome of Mahabharat. Without him, it was just not possible for five Pandavs to beat the powerful Cauravas. It was his strategy which helped the Pandavas at every step in the battle. This is the reason why the defense forces celebrate this festival with great fervor. Lets pray that the blessing of the Lord Krishna will drive out the ills prevailing in this world.