One of the important part of Personality is listening. As we know, the personality is the perception of someone in the other’s mind. It is just not possible to create good perception if one doesn’t listen to others .

Listening has several dimensions. It appears that when someone speaks , we listen. But listening goes beyond that. Listening more means we care the thoughts of the listener. Listening means the speaker is important to us. Listening means we value the thoughts of others.  Listening removes the communication barrier and gets the people closer. Those who listen more receive the similar treatment when their turn to speak comes.

Listening makes the convincing easy. Listening gives us a ground to understand the feelings of the speaker. A good listener commands respect of his near and dear one. Even the God wants us to listen more. So it has provided us two ears but a single mouth. So, if you go by this equation also, our listening should be double than speaking.

When listening has so many benefits, then why not take it seriously and make it a part of our habit. So next when someone tells you to listen, think of the benefits and open the door of your ears. Let the noble thoughts flow inside the mind and then see how the relation flourishes.