Stress is one of the gifts of the modern lifestyle that has surrounded the people of this age. There are thousands of hospitals and millions of doctors, but the wait of a patient to seek help from the doctor is getting longer and longer with time. It is said that the mind is the operator and controller of our body. And if mind is afflicted with the stress on regular basis, it loses its strength and vigour and goes into the sick state. The mind’s sickness gradually appears in the form of sickness of the. As we do the physical exercise to keep our body fit, there is a need to provide daily dose of nutrients to the mind also. Generally there are four ways to keep the stress at bay.


Avoid- Avoid the situation which is likely to create stress. Many a times our mind entertains some negative thoughts, giving rise to stress. So, keep strict vigils on the thoughts entering your mind. The moment you find that there is an entry of any damaging thoughts, remove them or replace them with some positive thoughts. If this practice is done daily, very soon it will become a habit and act as a protection against stress.


Alter- This pertains to the change in the behavior of oneself, if that is causing the stress. There are some people who get into an argument with anyone and try hard to prove themselves right and others wrong. While doing so they end up losing their peace as well as provoking others also. So such behavior needs to be curbed and things will change for the better.


Adapt- There are many situations in our life that act like a burden. This is due to the fact that we only see the darker side of those things. If we change our attitude and try to find something positive, so called burden becomes lighter.


Accept- What can’t be cured should be endured. If something is beyond the control, there is no point in banging one’s head against wall. If the problem is incurable, this fact should be accepted and the life should be carried forward.