Mumbai received its first spell of showers yesterday night. Monsoon is referred to the period during which the rainfall occurs at a place.Monsoon is very important for our country because Indian economy is still over-dependent on agriculture, which in turn is at the mercy of rain god (Indra Devta) . If the rain god blesses us, there is lot of rain which comes from the sky in the form of happiness and prosperity. Though now we have developed the robust system of irrigation, the major part of our land is still irrigated by natural means. In other words,  major part of our lands are still rain-fed.

History is the witness to the fact that whenever rainfall didn’t occur sufficiently in our country, our economy was hit badly. Scanty rainfall led to the drought situation. And the country found it difficult to feed its every-growing population. Last year some part of Maharashtra experienced the similar situation when people struggled to even get the two square meals a day. The Government did try to help the needy but couldn’t compensate for the loss caused by the natural calamity.

This year also rain prospect is not very bright with the Meteorological department predicting rainfall below average. Still these are just predictions and the atmospheric conditions can change abruptly and things can look bright with some amount of luck favouring us. Like last year, let’s hope and pray that the Monsoon pours down sufficient water into our fields where we can find the prosperity of our country in the form of bumper crops.