After the positive of ‘Has’ and ‘Have’ . Let’s see the negative of the same .In negative sentences, we only use ‘Have’ . While making negative sentence we use an additional word – don’t and doesn’t.

Don’t- I/We/You/They
Doesn’t- He/She/It/Name

The sentences mentioned below will throw more light on negative sentences.

I don’t have any information.
She doesn’t have any friends.
You don’t have manners.
He doesn’t have money.

Test Yourself

1 Mohan ——– (doesn’t, don’t) have professional degree.
2 The house———– (doesn’t, don’t) have electricity.
3 You ————- (don’t, doesn’t) have a bungalow.
4 They ———– (don’t, doesn’t) have supporters.
5 We ———- (don’t ,doesn’t) have any complaints.