लोनावाला मे डेरा डाला

Ram-Hey Shyam how are you?
Shyam-I am fine. Thank You. How about you?
Ram –I am also fine. How did you spend your last Sunday?
Shyam-I went for sightseeing. It was full of joy and fun
Ram-That’s nice. Where did you go for the sightseeing?
Shyam-I went to Lonavala
Ram-Lonavala is an exotic place with lots of greeneries & fantastic mountains. How long did you stay there?
Shyam-I stayed there for two days and returned on Tuesday .I didn’t want to come back but I returned due to some urgent work
Ram –Did your friends also accompany you?
Shyam-Yes, they did. Only a single friend didn’t come. In fact they paid for my expenses also. Very generous friends.
Ram-Did you stay in a hotel?
Shyam-No, I didn’t. I stayed in my friend’s haunted bungalow and saw many ghosts dancing together. Lonavala’s ghosts are awesome. They made my sightseeing memorable.
Ram-Did you go to Tiger Hill?
Shyam – No I didn’t. I am scared of tigers and their hills. So I avoided both. I roamed on streets only, which was the safest option.
Ram –Did you have Chikki during your stay in Lonavala?
Shyam –Yes. I did. I ate all varieties of Chikkis.
Ram – Anyway, How did you go there?
Shyam – We started on our own vehicle but the vehicle broke down midway. So we had to take a lift to reach Lonavala.