There is a saying in English that ‘Rome is not built in a day’. In other words anything big we see today took required time to come into existence. It is natural that if things don’t happen the way we want, we tend to give up thinking that it will never happen. But little patience shown at the crucial moment can be decisive in getting the best result.

If a big task is to be completed, patience in equally big amount is required. The big task often leads to the series of failures. To overcome these setbacks, patience is the source of strength. The history is the witness to the fact that many discoverers spent years tirelessly to uncover the truth. Even after working for so long, they never lost their patience and eventually succeeded. Patience was the driving force which propelled them to success.

Patience works equally well in the relation. It takes years to build the relation with someone. But loss of patience can break the relation in a moment. If someone doesn’t behave the way we want, there is a tendency to get angry and vent out frustration on someone. This may give momentary relief but invite trouble in the long run. So patience can save relation. The married couples who celebrate different jubilees of marriage- silver, golden or diamond- have always confessed that besides love if anything which has bound them together for so long, it is patience. In short, have patience and reap the benefits.