We normally hear people saying that someone has positive or negative attitude. Let’s try to understand how the attitude comes into being. When we say that someone has a positive attitude, we indicate that the person thinks the brighter side of something and this reflects in his words and action. On the contrary, if the person always finds fault with everything and exaggerates the shortcomings of others, he is called a man with negative attitude.

Many a times people say that it is the negative situation which makes the attitude negative. But that is not the reality. No matter how negative the situation appears to be, there is something positive hidden in it. Let’s take an example. If a person is shown a gas half-filled with water, he can either look at the filled portion or the empty portion. The content of glass is same in both the situations but the conclusion differs tremendously. So the positive attitude is a tendency to always discover the filled portion and not to take note of the empty one.

Having understood that positive attitude is useful and worth-developing, it is essential to know how to build this asset. Positive attitude is similar to any other habit. In the beginning, one has to keep forcing one’s mind to think positively till the time it becomes a second nature. It is a difficult task especially for someone who has lived in the world of negativity. But bad habits can be replaced with the better one.  It should be always kept in mind that no one is born with positive attitude. It is something which is acquired with disciplined approach over the period of time. At the outset, whenever something negative comes to the mind, remind yourself that there is another better option available which is nothing but positive thoughts. This constant practice will eventually demolish the walls of negativity and will lay the foundation of positivity. So think positively, speak positively and gradually you will start doing things positively.