(अभी बारिश हो रही है) और (दो घंटे से बारिश हो रही है)
Present Continuous and Present Perfect Continuous
Let’s try to find the difference between the above two tenses.
Present Continuous
It is raining now (अभी बारिश हो रही है).
Present Perfect Continuous
It has been raining for two hours (दो घंटे से बारिश हो रही है).
Difference in above two statements is that in the first sentence action happens at the moment of speaking but,in the second statement,action happens for the period of time(two hours)
So while speaking making any sentence in perfect tense, the period has to mentioned with ‘since’ and ‘for’. ‘Since’ is used point of time.and ‘For’ is required for period of time. Some other examples are.
She is watching a TV serial.
She has been watching TV serial since morning.
They are trying to repair their car.
They have been trying to repair their car for three hours.
The fire brigade is putting out the fire.
The fire brigade has been putting out the fire for long.