Now Learn to Speak Fluent English in just 30 days.

Anamika’s Academy has been there for over a decade in providing spoken English training. It runs variety of courses to meet the requirement of different kind of learners.

Anamika’s English Academy is an ISO certified company engaged in personality development and effective communication training. Anamika’s Academy conducts industry relevant job oriented courses
and offers placement to the participants.


Basic English

Advanced English and

Personality Development

*Grammar Correction,
*Presentation Skills,
*Public Speaking,
*Vocabulary Building and,
*Confidence Building.

Through Audio Visual System. .

1 Learning From Zero Level-This is suitable for the learners who never came into contact with English. In this course they are taught from A,B,C,D.They are first taught reading and writing in English.Later they learn spoken part.Duration of the course is Eight Months.

2 Learning at Mid Level-This course is suitable for learners who can read,write and follow English but can’t speak.This course introduces basic grammar and then trains them on Spoken English .The course duration is Four Months.

3 Learning at Advanced Level-This course is meant for the learners who can speak in English but lack fluency. During this course they are provided with lot of spoken practice along with correcting their grammar.The course duration is One Month.

4 Home Tuition –This is meant for the people who don’t have time to come to the academy. As a part of this course , a trainer visits learner’s residence and provides all necessary help.

5 Online Training –This is for those people who want to learn through net.We have required infrastructure to impart desired training.

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Anamika’s Academy