It is said that life on the Earth can’t exist without energy. And the only source of energy of our planet is the Sun. The energy from the Sun is transferred to the plant. From the plant, the energy is passed on to the animals. As the population on the Earth increased, the demand of Energy also increased proportionally. There have been Conventional sources of energy like coal and petroleum. Now the question arises why not electricity which powers so many things enjoyed by us today? The reason is that electricity is always the end product. It requires the raw material in the form of Coal or some other source of energy.

The conventional sources of energy have served the world for long. They proved to be a boon for the mankind. But now there is a danger lurking on it. These sources of energy are limited in quantity and as we dig them out, that much is depleted and again to replenish it, million years will be required. Hence, there is a deep concern about the future availability of these sources. Let’s imagine one day there is no more coal and petroleum left under the ground. Then what will meet our needs? Science has found the reply to this massive question. It has discovered certain sources of energy which will never get exhausted. No matter how much we take out, still there will be stock sufficient to meet our demand for the next million years. Solar Energy is one such energy which is seen as the major replacement of the conventional sources of energy.

Besides being inexhaustible, the solar energy is also eco-friendly as it doesn’t emit toxic gases. Then, what is stopping us from using it? First reason could be lack of awareness and the second reason could be the initial high cost of installation. Generally, the people living in the cities are aware of it .But when they want to buy the solar equipments, they find them to be costly and therefore drop their plan to own it. But if we look at it from a different angle, things will appear opposite. Despite the high initial cost, solar energy is still inexpensive, because after installation, The Sun God will not send us any monthly electricity bill. So in the long run, solar energy will save our money. Now the government has also asked the banks to offer additional loan with the home loan so that people can go for the solar panels above their houses. Next time, if you get shocked after looking at your electricity bill, think of Solar Energy as the replacement of The Electricity Distribution Companies. The transaction with the Sun does make sense.