This world is filled with the needy. Those who are not needy, they are at least greedy. So they pretend to be needy. In other words, you will find very few givers and never ending takers. But if we look at the history, we will find that all the great men had one quality in common- they all were generous givers.

Take the case of Mother Teresa. She won the Noble Peace Prize for peace. The reason she was chosen for this great honor was that she had lit the flame of hope and peace in countless hearts. She was lavish in giving love and affection to everyone she came across. She embraced those whom the people didn’t wish to look at. She nurtured those children whose childhood was at stake. She served that section of society which was in the urgent need of her support. She started a drive of spreading the light, which has driven many destitute forward. Though she is not with us now, but her undying spirit of giving is still alive and will remain so. Her name and her fame have become immortal.

The power of giving is stronger than the desire of taking. Taking is indicative of selfish motive while giving is the proof of self-less service. So whenever there is a need to give, it is an opportunity to render self-less service.