Though there are many things in life which give pleasure and happiness. But there are certain good practices which give lasting and durable joy. They are following.

  1. Forget what is lost and not with you.
  2. Appreciate what is still with you
  3. Look forward to those which are likely to come to you.

To prove this point, let’s take an inspirational story. There was a poor man in a village. He didn’t have money to buy a pair of shoes. He used to curse his luck constantly for not being able to buy shoes for himself. Especially the pain of being barefooted increased more in the months of summer and rainy season. His desire for foot wear would intensify whenever he looked at those who were wearing shoes. Years passed like this. One day he saw something and all his complaints came to an end forever. Guess, what he must have seen.

He saw a person who didn’t have legs only. Still he was happy and was not at all complaining about his handicap. That is when this complaining man looked at his legs and thanked God for giving such wonderful assets. What if he doesn’t have shoes? He has at least legs to walk. Even though it is painful to walk barefooted, he is not depended on anyone for his movement.Thereafter he stopped complaining about not having shoes and instead focused on earning money to buy a pair of shoes.

Similar to the character of the story, many times we neglect the assets we possess and only consider those things that we don’t have. This leads to pain and dissatisfaction. So why not to look at the positive things we enjoy.  There are many less fortunate people who don’t have even this much in life. What do they do? How do they manage? How do they survive?. So we are at least better than them.