We need fuel for the vehicle to overcome the resistance between the tyres of the vehicle and the road. Any action resulting in increase of resistance will increase the need for more fuel. So following are the tips to save fuel which will save our money and countries foreign exchange.

 Speed Limit- High speed is the worst enemy of fuel efficiency. Those who drive at very high speed do equally heavy damage to their pocket. The recommended speed range for the best mileage is 45-55 km/hr. So try to maintain your speedometer in this range and avoid frequent visits to the fuel stations.

 Avoid Overweight- Too much weight increases the resistance of the car. This leads to more fuel consumption to overcome the resistance. So keep the weight on the vehicle bare minimum.

 Tyre Pressure- Under-inflated tyres mean more fuel. If the tyre pressure is optimum, the resistance faced by the vehicle is minimum and therefore the fuel required to drive the vehicle is less.

 Avoid Excess Idling- If the vehicle is to be stopped for more than two minutes, it is advisable to switch off the engine. This may appear a method to save little fuel but in the long run it will considerably reduce the fuel bill.

 Regular Servicing- Regular servicing the car removes all the unwanted dust and makes the engine healthy. So taking the vehicle to garage before the break down puts less pressure on the pocket.

 Good Braking Habits- Every time the brake is applied, the energy produced due to burning of fuel turns goes waste. So a sensible driver predicts the stop and accordingly disengages the accelerator so that applying brake is avoided.