The word’ too’ can be used to join two sentences which are related to each other. For example
This news is so good that it can’t be true.
The above sentence can be written without changing it’s meaning with the help of ‘too’ as.
This news is too good to be true.
The big change which happens in the sentence after using ‘too’ is that the negative part is omitted.
For example in the first sentence there was negative word ‘can’t’. But when ‘too’ was used then there is no negative in the sentence.
As we have seen that the statement has shortened with the use of too.
Some more examples

These mangoes are so cheap that they can’t be good.
These mangoes are too cheap to be good.

He speaks so fast that nobody can understand him.
He speaks too fast for anyone to understand him.

He is so proud that he can’t apologise.
He is too proud to apologise.

He was so late that he couldn’t hear the first speech.
He was too late to hear the first speech.

The fact is so evident that it doesn’t require any proof.
The fact is too evident to require any proof.