The recent steep hike in the Rail fare has shocked the entire nation. Barely a month after coming to power, this is the first jolt the new government at the center has given to the people. This decision seems puzzling because the promise had been made to the people to go for change if they want Acche Din for themselves.

The hike is bound to impact the common man specially the commuters in Mumbai because their monthly pass is going to cost them more than the double of what they have been paying so far. This step appears unfair considering the suffocating atmosphere these commuters have to face in the locals every day. Since locals are the lifeline of Mumbai, people don’t have any other economical option to switch to.


As the freight charges have also been increased, the hike will certainly push the inflation up. This is due to transportation of goods becoming costlier. So a single step has such a wide impact on the common man. No doubt this decision has invited the wrath of the people across the country and it is being hoped that there will be some relief granted to the common man.