Yesterday has become a history. It is a thing of the past. No matter how powerful we may be, we can’t change the history. Though, we can learn from our past mistakes. So regretting about the past will only waste our time and efforts. So it is advisable to bury the past and make a fresh beginning.

Tomorrow is called a mystery because it is unknown and many a times unpredictable also. Though we can plan our future, but the implementation can’t be guaranteed. So in other words, our future is also beyond our control.

The third and the only available option is our today. It is called a Present which means a gift. Let’s see how this gift can be used to decorate out lives. Our present is the outcome of our past and our future will be the result of our Present. So if at all the future is to be made bright, and then our present needs to act like a source of light. Thus our today can provide the glitter to our tomorrow.  Another good thing about Present is that it is in our hand and we can mould it the way we want. If we get the best out of Present, it will lay the foundation of our future growth.