10 important tips to learn English at home


  1. Read every day one paragraph from English Newspaper. Pronounce each word clearly; repeat reading the words until you find it easy to speak.


  1. Listen to FM or Radio every day in English language carefully. Try to understand the sentences or speeches in your mother tongue.


  1. Watch English news channels daily. Try to imitate the words of the anchors.


  1. Watch English Movie with subtitles on your laptop or mobile. Use play/pause button and try to speak the dialogues with same expressions whatever spoken by the actors.


  1. Watch English short stories with subtitles on YouTube and write down every sentence on your note book. Now read the story loudly and try to speak it into your own words. Mistakes are inevitable while speaking but do not stop and keep trying.


  1. Write about yourself; such as, your name, age, qualification, family background, residence, hobbies, aims, etc. Speak it in front of mirror.


  1. Write your daily routine on your note book. if you do not understand how to write in English; write in your mother tongue and use google translate to translate it into English. Speak it in front of mirror.


  1. Now it is the time to interact with someone to develop your interpersonal Communication skills. Make a list of questions about liking and disliking. As “do you like to watch movies?” if yes/no, why/why not. “What time do you wake up in the morning?” etc.


  1. Read articles on current affairs. discuss the pros and cons with your mates. Speak for the motion or against the motion. You may make mistakes time and again while speaking but never give up. Try to keep speaking either slow or fluent.


  1. Prepare one speech on any topic; speak and record it. Play JUST A MINUTE (JAM) means speak minimum one minute on any topic, record it, listen to it and find out your errors; such as, hesitation, gap between the next sentence, repetition of your words, self-correction of your words and clarity in pronunciation. So, play JAM and you see that YOU CAN SPEAK ENGLISH.