Our life throws many opportunities for delivering speech. Though it is not difficult to speak before the audience but some amount of preparation and practice is always required to add effectiveness to the speech.

We have made a perfect and customized syllabus for Public Speaking that test your confidence and speaking skills.

Let’s discuss one example of Farewell Speech to understand about situation and delivering the speech.

Farewell speech

Farewell speech is one of the most emotional events. Here the person being given farewell has to leave the organization after serving a considerable duration. Therefore, the speech has to be filled with the emotionally powerful words.
Format –
• Brief introduction of the function
• Disclosing the name of the person being given farewell.
• Acknowledging the contribution of the person concerned.
• Wishing him or her all the best for future.

Brief introduction Speech of the Event-

Ladies and gentlemen. Today we have gathered here on a very special occasion to express our gratitude to one of the most illustrious members of this company.
Disclosing the Name- He is none other than our beloved Managing Director Mr XYZ.
Acknowledgement-He has nurtured this company like his own child and played a pivotal role in making our company a giant in the industry. The whole organization is fortunate to receive the dedicated contribution and support from him.
We wish him all the best for his future endeavors. We seek his blessing for the continuous growth of our company. It was certainly a splendid association with visionary like him.

So, we will guide and train to prepare the speeches on different occasions; such as Convocation, Annual Function, Elocution, award ceremony, anchoring, etc.

Course Syllabus:

1. Speech Composition (Part one)

As a Participant
Writing Speeches for: –
Annual Function

2. Speech Composition (Part Two)

Writing Speeches for: –

(As a Host or an anchor)

Annual Function
Welcome Speech
Vote of thanks Speech

3. Introduction to Public Speaking

Pleasant appearance
Positive attitude
Gestures and Postures
Word Synchronization
Voice Modulation
Watching videos of different leaders or orators

4. Opening & Closing the speech

Greeting / welcome
How to Introduce yourself with an enthusiastic way
Variety of Sentences for opening the Speech
Variety of Sentences for closing the Speech

5. Rehearsal for Speeches with different topics

Practice of Speaking while Playing JAM (Just a Minute speaking)
Using the Space of the stage / Maintaining Eye Contact
Taking care of FEEDBACK and Body Language of your spectators / listeners or Audience

6. Final Speech delivery practice and video recording

Speech Delivery techniques and practice
Training Practice and Practice,
There is no alternative of practice…

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