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      Gone are the days when the people would wait for the new software from Windows for their computers. With the popularity of the mobiles riding high, computers have been relegated to the back ground. Google is enjoying the status in the mobile software section as Microsoft has maintained the status of number one PC software. So any new launch of latest version of Android immediately catches the attention of the people.

      As we all know that a smart phone acts like a minicomputer. It has a processor, an operating system etc. The software part is nothing but the programing language fed into the mobile. Now-a-days Android is the most popular operating system being widely used across the world. The best part is that the operating system is continuously updated and new features are added periodically. Google is one of the companies in the world, which is never satisfied with the current level of the product. It is always on the look-out of new technology to improve its products. They enjoy virtual monopoly in the search engine segment. Though Android had been doing extremely well, it didn’t stop them from innovating their most popular software. Thus, they have come up with the latest launch of Android One.
      Android One has been launched in the developing countries like India ahead of developed countries. What can be the reason that Google has picked up not- so- rich countries? The one word answer is Affordability. Google wants to bring the latest technology to the doorstep of a common user. Even in India they have chosen those mobile makers who make low cost mobiles like Micromax, Karbonn etc. Another feature of Android One is that the google itself will be updating the software. So, we should not be surprised one day morning, when we get up and see that the whole set up of our mobile has changed. Therefore, Android One is the latest technology wave for those people who were left behind in the race of smart phone technology earlier.