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      Develop your personality through English communication skills:-

      In our earlier blog, we discussed about how to develop your personality through English communication skills. We did also appraise you on the importance of good communication skills for a pleasing personality.

      In this blog we are going to explain about how to use the right words at the right time which makes all the difference in your personality.

      There are a few basic rules to follow whilst conversing:

      • Speak in simple and clear language. However, the language you use should be grammatically correct.
      • Avoid slang at all costs. Keep slang out of your speech especially whilst talking to someone elder to you. If there are ladies in your group, never use abusive and cuss words.
      • Voice Modulation. Modulate your tone while speaking. Do not talk too loudly that everyone around can hear you or too softly that no one can hear you. Make sure your voice is to be pleasant and loud enough to be heard.
      • Never use language with double meanings and sarcasm. Making sarcastic remarks is definitely not okay in a conversation. Dirty jokes are also uncalled for. They must be taken out of the closet only with close friends and that too a small group.
      • Along with being a good speaker, you ought to be a good listener as well. Listening is an art and an integral part of etiquette. As a listener, you are required to react to what you are hearing through your body language, nod or an emphatic shake of the head at the appropriate time.
      • Accept praises and criticism graciously. In any conversation, you will be appreciated or may be put down. Accept both with dignity and grace.

      The foremost rule of speaking is: if you are not able to do it well, then definitely you need help. Do something to remedy the situation; we at Anamika’s English Academy are there to help you. With our expert trainers; we ensure you become a good communicator. We can also take care of your language problems and teach English the right way.

      If you are looking at learning the language the way it is actually spoken then Anamika’s English Academy is the place you come to.

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