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      This is perhaps the best opportunity to test one’s ability to face an audience. Many people have problems of how to speak at public places? English speaking students or professionals have also stage fright but the role of an anchor is not restricted to simply speaking about the script he or she may have. It is more about the management of audience. It is about changing the track depending upon the response of people. It also requires the sense of humor. The comfort level with the audience is another requirement. Therefore, an anchor acts like a thread which binds the audience with the other performers.
      We have many reality shows aired on most of the entertainment channels. And every reality show is hosted by an anchor. Though the anchors are different but there are certain things common in them. And that is the energy level. When they speak, the positive vibration flows across the atmosphere. Another commendable thing is the command over the language. They speak fluently and flawlessly. Plus, they also play with the emotions of the audience. They create the loads of curiosity that force the audience to stay hooked to them. Let’s take few examples to make things clearer.

      Opening a show

       Ladies and Gentlemen it gives me an immense pleasure to be with you in this glittering function. Without any delay, let me call upon the first contestant.
       Ladies and Gentlemen, We all are going to witness many incredible performances tonight.
       Ladies and Gentlemen, Let’s begin the journey of action-packed and breadth-taking performances.
       Ladies and Gentlemen, Let’s get ready for a delightful and nail-biting experience. The performances will take you to the fairy land of your imagination.
       Ladies and Gentlemen, time has come to end your wait and let me open the gate. All the performers will come to touch your heart, so are you ready to start?

      Inviting the performers-
       Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to introduce the next contestant. He should be called a magician because he loves to create magic with his performance.
       Ladies and Gentlemen, Here comes the next performer to let you stay in the hypnotized mode.
       Ladies and Gentlemen, In the series of fascinating performances, another part is going to get added.
       Ladies and Gentlemen, I can see the excitement for the next performance. Let’s immerse in the pleasure of next performance.

      From the perspective of the performer.
       I am very fortunate to get this platform for showcasing my talent. I am delighted to win this competition. Thanks a lot to my well -wishers.
       I was very nervous in the beginning but looking at the response of the viewers, I got the confidence to give my best. Thanks to everyone who liked my performance.
       I want to say a lot but I am speechless. I am overjoyed due to winning this prestigious competition. I feel being at the top of this world.
       It’s a dream come true. This is the moment I can never forget in my life. May this moment come again and again!

      Closing the ceremony
       It was delightful to see the variety of performances today. All those who came and entertained the audience deserve thanks from everyone. In brief, it was an amazing experience.
       Like a happy ending, this ceremony comes to close. But the memories of this event will continue to amuse all of us for days to come. Thanks a lot to everyone who made this event successful.

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