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      In recent years, the degree of correspondence has been changed. We utilize straightforward words for our everyday conversation, anyway we use figures of speech and expressions in our talks. At times these expressions are difficult to understand however, the individuals who have the learning of English language, they appreciate talking and tuning in to such sentences.

      Nowadays, people are looking for some classes or best institutions for English Speaking where they can learn how to speak Basic English, Advanced English or Smart English. We are discussing a few expressions which are presently in vogue in everyday discussion.

      These sentences are spoken in different or smart way, that is the reason they are called Smart English.
      In smart English, things are spoken in the indirect manner. Lots of phrases are used. Smart English can elevate the standard of speaker’s level. However, while using it one should also consider the level of the listener. Otherwise, this will lead to a communication gap.

      1. You can’t do it (General English)
      It is not your cup of tea (Smart English)

      2. Where are you staying? (General English)
      Where do you put up? (Smart English)

      3. Make the beginning. (General English)
      Set the ball in motion. (Smart English)

      4. I am sorry to say that it is wrong. (General English)
      I am afraid it is wrong (Smart English)

      5. Act more vigorously. (General English)
      Pull up your socks (Smart English)

      6. You don’t have to worry about it. (General English)
      This is none of your business. (Smart English)

      7. It is not possible to convince him. (General English)
      He is a hard nut to crack. (Smart English)

      8. He is the unwanted member of his family. (General English)
      He is a black sheep of his family. (Smart English)

      9. Aamir Khan’s movie comes very occasionally. (General English)
      Aamir khan’s movie comes once in blue moon. (Smart English)

      10. Speaking too much is not good (General English)
      It is not good to have a big mouth (Smart English)

      11. The government is about to fall. (General English)
      The government is on the edge. (Smart English)

      12. ?????????? Can you find more sentences
      for smart English?

      Example: We smelt a rat in the beginning of discussion. (SE)

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