भारत माता की जय have just four words but three of them (भारत, माता, जय) are so strong
that it decides the fate of the parties whether they will rule or sit in opposition in the
parliament. The outcome of the 17 Lok Sabha elections proves that the feeling of nationalism
can unite the people and make them forget the place where they come from. They only think
that they are Indians first before belonging to their home state. This also reminds us of the
freedom struggle when the country was projected as Bharat Mata and everyone jumped into
the fight to liberate it from the clutches of the foreign rule. However, this time there was no
liberation but integration that prompted the people to come out and vote for the alliance,
which they think can protect the country and its countrymen from any external aggression.
This is clearly seen in the voting pattern of some states like Orissa where the assembly
elections were also held simultaneously. Interestingly, people of this state voted for the
regional party for the assembly seats but reposed faith in the national party due to the feeling
of nationalism.

What does the result mean for the country?

The result of the recently concluded general elections means that when it comes to the
country, people have put their faith in the national parties that have the experience and
strength of giving the stable government for the next five years. At the same time, the people
also want their life to be safe and secure as we are surrounded by the hostile neighbors and
have been fighting the war against terrorism for years. Therefore, it becomes important to
have a strong leader in charge who can give a stern message to all concerned that it would be
disastrous to play with the security of India.

Is Indian politics maturing?

The outcome of the Lok Sabha polls also shows that Indian voters are maturing and they want
to give full majority to a party of alliance so that there is stability in governance. Perhaps, the
people of India thought that the initial five years to too short for any government to prove its
worth and bring a considerable change in their lives. Therefore, here is another five years
granted to the present dispensation.

The Challenges before the new government

The landslide victory of the current government also comes with more responsibility of taking
India further on the path of progress. There are multiple challenges like unemployment, rural
distress and poverty confronting the country. Though these issues were masked by the feeling
of nationalism this time, they are very much there. The ruling alliance will have to find the
permanent solution to these hurdles so that the next time when it goes before the people for
seeking another term, it can say with a head high that we not only protect the nation but also
have the power to make it prosperous.