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      The Need for an Interview – Before getting into the details of interview, let’s first understand the purpose of an interview. Whenever company wants to hire anyone, it has certain requirements to fulfill. On the other hand, a candidate has certain skills to offer. So interview acts as a link to establish whether or not the candidate’s skills match the requirement of the company. For instance, if a hotel wants to hire someone for the front desk it will certainly look for the following credentials.

      1 Physical Appearance– The person has to have an impressive look because front desk executive is the face of the hotel.

      2 Well Mannered– The front desk officials have to deal with people of different background. Therefore he or she has to be courteous.

      3 Communication Skill – The person should be good at speaking and should have knowledge of different languages.

      The person who goes for an interview needs to have the skills to deliver above needs. An interview tests the match of the skills and requirements. Requirements may vary from company to company or industry to industry but the basics of interview remain the same.

      Preparation is essential if you want to do well. Have a look at the checklist:

      Stage 1 – Preparation

      • Re-read your resume.
      • Prepare questions to ask and to be asked
      • Workout clothes to wear
      • Participate in mock interview sessions
      • Anticipate the possible questions during the interview
      • Work out a strategy for dealing with stress
      • Read vacancy details, employer’s literature – what they are and what they want
      • Know where the interview will take place


      Stage 2 – First Impressions Count

      • Arrive in good time
      • Make a good entrance
      • Body language – handshake, posture, eye contact
      • Smile


      Stage 3 – The Interview

      • Be yourself
      • Be honest
      • Be prepared to talk – but not too much
      • Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification
      • Illustrate your answers with examples
      • Be ready to sell yourself
      • Be interesting


      Stage 4 – The Final Stage

      • Know when the interview is over – read employer’s body language
      • Thank him/her for his/her time
      • Learn from the experience – ask for feedback if necessary


                                                          Don’ts of Interview


      Mind your manners in an interview

      Chewing Gum / Eating Candy

      Looking at the clock / watch

      Answering your cell phone / Leaving your cell phone on

      Smoking even if the interviewer asks you to

      Speaking too loudly

      Getting angry or frustrated

      Sitting too close to the interviewer


      Don’t be casual in an Interview

      Being too casual

      Reclining your chair / putting your feet up

      Rocking your chair back and forth


      Sitting before the Interviewer sits

      Avoid extravagant gestures / too much hand waving


      Take Care of Hygiene Issues before the Interview

      Using the bathroom in the middle of an interview

      Sweaty palms as you will have to shake hands


      Showing too much nervousness in a Interview

      Being someone that you are not

      Rambling on and on

      Exaggerating too much


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