It’s not even a month since it was introduced and Pokemonia has gripped the whole world. People searching for Pokémon in the park, in the garden, on the road and even in water present a common sight. Probably, it is the first time a game has drawn some many people out of their house to search for something in the vicinity.

Mobile games are not a new thing to the world. Every now and then, one or the other games are released and the people enjoy the same at their comfort. However, the most frequent complaint against the games was that it took the people in the virtual world and there was hardly anything physical to do while playing them. From that point of view, there is a big change when the people are forced to step out of their house on foot and to find the artificial creature. It not only provides the physical exercise for the players but also caters to their taste of gaming. This has also brought the people together at one place. The public places are teeming with the people searching for the Pokémon in the poke stops. Obviously when the people meet, their interaction will not be limited to only Pokémon. They will socialize in the company of one other.

Every coin has two sides- positive and negative. In this regard, this game has done and continues to do damage to the people’s life especially when they are engrossed in playing the game on roads. A few accidents have occurred while playing this game. Besides this, the instances of trespassing have increased at the pretext of finding Pokémon. Nevertheless, it is just one month since this reality induced game has started its journey. The coming days will see many changes and updates that could bring more enjoyment to the players.