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      There is a good news for those who have been missing two minutes noodle Maggie. It seems that Maggie has cleared the last hurdle of passing different tests conducted at various reputed labs. This was mandated by the Bombay High Court judgment sometime back.
      Its been several months that Maggie was not seen on the racks of the shops. Earlier the authorities had banned all variants of Maggie saying that they contained excess amount of lead and other harmful chemicals.The authorities also claimed that Maggie containing harmful ingredients is unfit for consumption. This led to complete withdrawal of Maggie from the market.The loss caused by this incident runs into several hundred chores.But the biggest damage was the loss of goodwill it had enjoyed for years. It had become synonymous with the quick snacks. Many celebrities had endorsed the brand. Subsequently Nestlé India, which makes Maggie in India, appealed against the ban order in Mumbai High Court. The court ruled in favour of Maggie with certain conditions that Maggi should be tested in the certain certified labs.
      Even though legally, all the restrictions have been lifted,it would still be difficult for Maggie to regain the consumers confidence. It will have to convince the customers that the news against Maggie was completely false. Another big challenge would be roping in celebrities as this matter has become sensitive. Logistic would be another daunting task. Since Maggie has been completely withdrawn, making it available throughout the country will consume lot of time and efforts. However, if all the necessary actions are taken properly then things can become normal because Maggi as a brand is still fresh in the people’s mind.