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      There is hardly anyone who loves to be at the hospital. But there’s hardly anyone who has not been to the hospital. Our life style has become as such that doctors,medicines and hospitals have become the integral part of life. Another problematic thing is that medical profession has become a core business that is practiced with sole motive of making money. No wonder the quality medical aid has become out of reach of a common man. No matter how much we curse the government hospitals , they are the only choice of poor people.Though there are many hospitals at the regional level, there is only one top level institute at the national level and that All India Institute of Medical Science or AIIMS.

      The First AIIMS was set up in New Delhi in 1956. Since then it has been the hope of several patients across the country. Not only the most top level doctors are there but also the state-of-the-art facilities are available for the patients at an affordable rate.Most of the cases coming there are critical and the success rate is much higher than other government hospitals.The first expansion of the hospital happened when the second campus was opened in Haryana few years ago. Considering the vast expanse of our country, there was an urgent need to expand its reach by openingopening such institutts in other states. First such expansion happened in 2012 when six new AIIMS were made operational Now we have AIIMS at Delhi,Patna, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur
      Raipur and Rishikesh. Considering the growing demand of such institutes, another three AIIMS are going to be set up.They will come up in the states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.

      Its a good news for the people of these states that the world class facilities are getting closer to them. This will also ease the pressure on the Delhi branch. Ours is the country where doctor patient ratio is still very high. Perhaps these new AIIMS will help in improving that ratio by providing more doctos and better infrastructure