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      The art of public speaking in which gesture, vocal production, and delivery are emphasized. In today’s world , facing audience is unavoidable . So students should  get their prior experience and exposure to face those situations confidently. Many people have knowledge about different topics and issues of the progressive world. They have their own ideas, thoughts and particular  point of views on certain global situation.

      Such human being are intelligent but introvert and they are not expressive on special occasion. They hesitate while speaking at Public places. Though, they communicate better when they talk with their acquainted but in a group they find difficulties due to the lack of confidence of speaking with strange people. Sometimes, if they get the opportunity to speak in front of a group of known or unknown people; they stumble and shake their legs while standing. They realize that they could have spoken better on that circumstances.

      As a matter of fact, millions of people feel a degree of nervous apprehension when speaking up such a situation. The fear of public speaking or performance, often called “stage fright” or “performance anxiety”. There are many causes of stage fright but the most common is that the individual lacks self confidence. Sometimes, the sub conscious mind of a speaker travels elsewhere and is influenced by other situation; so speaker is not able to focus on present scenario.

      Now the question is how to get rid of stage fright? We are here to explain the best methodology to overcome on the day of your performance or before the program.

      1. Arrive early.
      2. Take deep breaths.
      3.  Adjust to your surroundings.
      4. Meet and greet with your colleagues.
      5. Attend other Speeches.
      6. Visualize that you are speaking…

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