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      5th sept is a memorable day in the history of India as on this very day the great teacher and statesman Dr Sarwapally Radha Krishnan was born. He proved this point to the whole country that a teacher can rise to the level of leading the whole country. Even if we look at the history of India, we will find that the teacher , also known as guru, has shaped the life of their students. It was Dronacharya who made things easier for Arjuna to win the war of Mahabharata.It was the statue of guru that inspired the great student Eklavya to master the art of archery.

      Even though time has changed and now there are many tools available for self study, the role of teacher has not diminished , nor it will ever. The tools like internet can give information but will never mould the character and share blessings with students. A teacher not only spreads the light of the knowledge but also inculcates the right behavior. Besides this, he or she also leads from the front by practising the right conduct. Students look at them as a role model. There are many instances of students staying in touch with their teachers even though the teacher no longer teaches them. In other words, the teacher-student relation becomes eternal.

      This is the day to remember the contribution of teacher to the life of students, who, most often ,are the future of a country. The teacher can transform an ordinary individual into a responsible and enlightened citizen. Anamika Academy wishes all very happy teacher’s day on this special day