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      Use of ARTICLES

      An article is a word that combines with a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by the noun. There are two types of articles namely, definite and indefinite article.


      Indefinite article

      ‘A’ or ‘an’ is called indefinite article because it does not refer to a particular thing. It does not exactly specify which person or object is being referred to.

      Eg: I met a physiotherapist yesterday.


      An article ‘an’ is placed before the words having ‘a’, ‘e’ ‘i’, ‘o’, ‘u’ as the first alphabets.

      Eg: Reeta is anEnglish professor in Mithibai College.


      Some important rules for placing ‘an’ in the sentence:

      1. ‘An’ is not to be placed in front of the words which although start with vowels but are pronounced as ‘yu’ ‘yo’ and ‘wa’.


      Eg: Mac is a European {‘yo’ sound}

      Ria went to a university {‘yu’ sound}


      1. ‘An’ is, however, placed before words that start with a silent ‘H’.


      Eg: It will take almost an hour for me to recreate the whole thing.

      He is an honorable man.


      1. ‘An’ is also used before abbreviated letters F, L, M, N, R & S.

      Eg: Mrs. Sen is an M.Com

      Miss Juhi is an MLA.


      Definite article:

      ‘The’ is used when the listener knows or is able to figure out the person/thing we are talking about.

      Eg: Let us go to the temple.

      The handbag you want is out of stock.


      No articles:

      1. When talking in general, no articles should be used before nouns and uncountable nouns.

      Eg: Population is growing.

      Females are worried about their safety.

      Too much salt is bad for your health.


      1. No articles are used while talking about sports.

      Eg: My daughter plays badminton very well.


      1. No articles are to be used before the name of any substance.

      Eg: Too much sugar is not good.


      1. No articles are to be used before abstract nouns.

      Eg: Honesty is the best policy.


      1. No articles are to be used before plural countable nouns.

      Eg: Children love Maggi.


      1. No articles are to be used before proper nouns.

      Eg: Rachit is a good boy.


      1. No articles are to be used before names of relation.

      Eg: Father wants me to meet Rani.


      1. No articles are to be used before languages.

      Eg: I am learning Marathi.



      Complete the given sentences with articles (a, an, the) and leave the space empty if no article is required:


      1. I just met him ______ hour ago.
      2. ______ gold is ______expensive metal.
      3. ________ Marathi is _________ difficult language.
      4. Which is ________ highest peak in India?
      5. _______ Marathi is ________ language of ______ people of Maharashtra.
      6. _______ Ria came without ________ umbrella.
      7. _________ Russian came to my house.
      8. He is _______ rich man.
      9. I have _________ magic pencil.
      10. He kept me waiting for almost ________ hour.
      11. Deepak is not __________ honourable man.
      12. ______ Sri Lanka is ______ island.