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      Technology has transformed things beyond our imagination. It has immensely simplified things for the comfort of human beings. However , it has also exposed us to additional risks. Specially the people who are new to these technologies are more prone to these threats.
      Let’s take an example of an ATM card. It is such a wonderful thing. Before its arrival people used to be at the mercy of banking hours to withdraw money. They had to wait helplessly to access their money in case of successive bank holidays. The ATM card changed this for ever. It provided any time access to their money with the help of ATM machines. But this story has a dark side also. The same card has led to many frauds also. It is not uncommon that the information of these cards was stolen and money was withdrawn illegally. Several methods are used by the fraudsters to dupe the gullible people.
      One of the latest method is called Vishing or Voice Fishing. This the method to call up customers and inform them that there is an illegal activity on their account and they need to call particular number to give the account information. When the people call up the number and give the account information, there is a special voice software which captures the information and later the same information is used to steal the money from the account. Sometimes they may call to inform that the card is blocked due to suspicious activity and they need to give their card information to unblock the card. Sometimes they call to verify the card information .Similarly they adopt different innovative methods to scare the people to extract the sensitive information.

      On their part the banks have been educating the customers not to disclose the information to any anyone. However it is imperative that everyone should be extra cautious not to entertain any such fraud calls. The alertness alone can guard our hard earned money.